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Our expertise from different design directions helps us to support your collections in a well thought-out and effective way. We will find the right thread for you.

Our way of working: We work as closely with you as you see fit - from sketch to supplier communication.


We develop and apply design identity for you.

Today branding and corporate identity already are widely understood as a natural and essential part of a corporation or label when it comes to marketing activities or in-house communication. But still it's often overlooked on the product itself. Working for a large variety of brands and labels we have excellent insight and can bring these worlds together.


Design is much more than to make things look nice. Every step of an expert designer's creation relies on profound use of rules or on intentionally breaking them. A concept as such we see as a ruleset.

One that you choose yourself. To develop that ruleset individually we utilize an unlimited pool of design languages.

Why do you need conceptual design? It simply enables recognition and enhances market positioning possibility for your brand. It encloses systems like color concepts, brand guides, formal language, all kinds of defined design elements.

You can directly benefit from that for already planned and/or existing collections as well as for newly conceptualized orientations.



As part of conceptual design we watch and translate trends for your individual projects. Moodboards and colour concepts are one of the most useful and common ways to define strategies for the coming seasons.

But We don't follow trends blindly. Sometimes even anti-trend is Zeitgeist.


We specialise in the creation of high quality and unique textile designs.

We work closely with our customers to develop individual and bespoke designs that meet their ideas and requirements.

Whether for fashion or home textiles, we offer a wide range of design options inspired by different styles. From timeless classics to modern and edgy looks, anything is possible.

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